Red Bull commissioned a design I created to paint on the walls for their RBMA Carnival Bar 2013 at Acklam Village under the Westway. The design was a bright and vibrant beach scene with a speaker stack on one wall and an island with palm trees on the other. The wall was the largest I have undertaken on my own, and enlisted the help of fellow writer Robes to cover the area.

It took a full week and over 10 litres of emulsion alone to create 🙂


  • Red-bull-notting-hill-carnival-mural-009
  • Red-bull-notting-hill-carnival-mural-002

  • Red-bull-notting-hill-carnival-mural-003
  • Red-bull-notting-hill-carnival-mural-004
  • Red-bull-notting-hill-carnival-mural-005
  • Red-bull-notting-hill-carnival-mural-007
  • Red-bull-notting-hill-carnival-mural-008

  • Red-bull-notting-hill-carnival-mural-010
  • Red-bull-notting-hill-carnival-mural-012
  • Red-bull-notting-hill-carnival-mural-013_0
  • Red-bull-notting-hill-carnival-mural-014
  • Red-bull-notting-hill-carnival-mural-015
  • Red-bull-notting-hill-carnival-mural-016
  • Red-bull-notting-hill-carnival-mural-017