Global Street Art and Loop colours from AlFreshCo paint shop came together to provide the wall and paint for this massive production in Blackall Street East London. More photos and write up on GSA website

Two weeks ago we collaborated with Loop paint and organised a jam with eleven international artists. With 120 cans and a theme of red, black, grey and white, each artist was provided with a space on our Blackall Street Hoarding in Shoreditch, East London and asked to interpret the space however they liked.

  • Candie with ItaeWon and Autone
  • IMG_6605+SM

  • Candie with ItaeWon and Autone
  • Candie with ItaeWon and Autone

Progress shots by Carri Addy

  • img_9914-yes_SM
  • img_9879-yes_SM
  • img_9925-yes_SM
  • img_9979-yes_SM
  • img_9989-yes_SM