Photos of a 3 day live art gig with @sheshegabor in for the worlds largest FinTech conference at the Bella Centre in Copenhagen. The theme of the event was superheros and was reflected in the comms and the design of the interior. The live art was part of some of the sponsor packages, so were commissioned by various companies to tag their names around the space.

Money 20/20 2017 - live graffiti art at  fintech conference

The concept was to make the conference feel like a real graphic novel city, with us running round doing graffiti – so the job was part performance and part sudo vandalism. Attendees loved watching the space become progressively covered with art as the three days went on. Was a lot of fun 🙂

  • Money 20/20 2017 - live graffiti
  • Container001
  • Containre002
  • PayUtrain001
  • PauUtrain002
  • PayU
  • PayU003